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We have filled the games with labyrinths full of puzzles, surprises and brain-teasers for people with different mindsets, special imagination and intuition.

“Funny, scarry, enthrilling, new escape room games are here!”

You only can beat this rooms if you use the unique strengths of every team mate and face the challenges coordinated!
Sandra Kramer

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You can choose a game that is interesting for you. Every member of your team can prove their worth.

The Clinic


Seems to be something strange going on here! What happens in this strange clinic? There have been alarming reports of missing people in the area. You’ll need nerves of steel to get through to the end and learn the secret of this place.


Historical Detective

The beginning of the game takes you to the distant 11th century – the times of knights and crusades. You will need to go through the Heavenly Labyrinth to move from the distant past to one of the most mysterious stories of the twentieth century.

Lair «Z»


The laboratory of the doctor is a workshop of life and death, where horror and great discoveries unite. Where monsters, hidden from human eyes, still live and are doomed to eternal life. Where danger and fear soaked the atmosphere so strongly that only the bravest and strongest can find a way out.


Spies Thriller

Once in the investigator's office, against the backdrop of a sensational affair, and then into the bunker of special operations, players must enter the terrorists' lair through the sewerage system, following the road watching corrupt military arms traders.


Fantasy Mystic

You and your friends, resting on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, accidentally discovered a cave. Curiosity forced you to go inside, and you found yourself in the underground temple of mysterious Aztecs, where bloody mistical rites are still held in the name of the Sun, which illuminated the church 500 years ago.

Knight's Legacy

Fairy Tales

Story of the knights for younger players. Your group will find yourself locked in the Knight’s Chambers full of authentic 15th Century items. The set design, game sounds & clever puzzles will have you talking about your escape experience long after your visit!



Around the impassable jungle, the car is stuck, but making your way through the thicket you come across an abandoned laboratory. What research was conducted here, what were scientists looking for in the depths of the tropical forest and where did everyone gone? You have to find out all this and be saved.

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